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The Problem Is That
Your Data Is Not Organized
In One Central Location

Your focus should be on selling sponsorships and the overall guest experience, rather than countless hours wasted digging through files, emails, and scribbled notes.

This means that every minute you are studying your spreadsheets, you are losing money.

If you don't implement this system now, next year’s event will be that much harder.

Luckily for you, there is a solution.

Let us introduce you to:

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  • Gain Exposure For Your Sponsors with Numerous Opportunities To Increase Visibility Using Digital Assets to create Residual Value.
  • Leverage a Template Of Packages that you can use right away to Monetize The Golf Course Effectively.
  • Send Emails And Text Messages to imported contact lists and current attendees.
  • How to easily Manage Golf Group Pairings And Single Golfers with flexibility.
  • How to create a High-Converting Website using Drag And Drop Tools.
  • The “Right” Way Of Collecting And Managing Golfer Data with tailored workflows for golf event organizers.
  • How to quickly generate Financial Reporting with the ability to Categorize Revenue & Expenses.
  • The #1 Hack for quickly checking in attendees and Collecting Guest Data to effectively market future events.
  • Learn how having One Simple “Magic” System virtually Guarantees Your Success and lets you spend more time promoting the event.
  • … And Much, Much More!
You Need Proven Experts To Guide You Straight Through The Process…With No Bull

"Eventlify’s organizational and registration software is first rate. The Eventlify platform covers all your needs from beginning to end starting with the “Save the Date” notifications all the way to the final financial breakdown; there is absolutely no need to have secondary spreadsheets and files to try and merge. The ability to have everything you need to track and manage on one platform updated in real time is an asset anyone who has tried to keep track of all the moving parts of an event will truly appreciate."

- Debbie Knepper, Knicker Open Charities

Success Stories After Using Eventlify

Before using Eventlify, Debbie’s golf event was raising ~$60,000. Attendees had to download the registration form, fill it out, and mail in a check. Eventlify provided Debbie branding tools to streamline her registration process and collect online payments.

Because Debbie didn’t have to spend time chasing down payments and managing spreadsheets, she was able to focus on promoting sponsorship opportunities, which made her more money for her event.

Last year, Debbie’s event raised $234,000+. She had all of her payments collected and foursome’s names populated one week before the event. This was an all-time-high for Debbie’s organization.

“I would recommend the entire Eventlify team to anyone who is trying to streamline and take some of the stress out of organizing a golf event. They go above and beyond for their clients and make you feel like you are their number one priority. Quick responses to questions or concerns. If you can come out of a charity event saying the only hiccup of the day was rain… that says a lot. If you want to end your event saying the same……Eventlify is the team to do that for you.”

- Debbie Knepper, Knicker Open Charities

Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

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Our Rock Solid
100% Money Back Guarantee

We have such confidence in the product we are offering, that when you join us, you can invest with trust because you’ll always be covered by our money back guarantee.

In the extremely unlikely scenario where you use our system, apply all the tools, and our proven techniques cannot help you save more time and make more money, we will refund every cent you have invested with us - no questions asked.

Imagine if you utilized just ONE automated workflow from Eventlify...and you begin to see positive results in your golf event almost instantly...Freeing you from the stress and pressure you suffered until now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What validations does Eventlify have?

Eventlify was created out of necessity. After running/consulting hundreds of events, we transformed the complexities of event management into an efficient and effective process. The platform was complemented with knowledge from industry leaders, which provides valuable insight into key elements required to running successful golf events.

Who is this Platform for?

The platform was created for Golf Event Organizers who desire centralized, organized data. The system was built to solve event pain points and increase fundraising numbers.

Do you promise any results?

Yes, we promise that if you utilize Eventlify’s planning tools to manage your data, you will have more time to SELL your event. But we cannot do the work for you; we can only provide you the platform. You have to take advantage of the time saved and direct efforts to find more sponsors. What we promise is to provide you with proven tools and knowledge to increase your golf event revenue.

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