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Fundraising and Event Management Software
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Streamline your event's registration process with Eventlify.

  • Seamless registration process.
  • Gather contact information from attendees.
  • Customizable pre-event questionnaires.

Manage event location, schedule, sponsorships, and more.

  • Share your event on Facebook and other platforms.
  • Allow attendees to spread the word via social media.
  • Increase exposure for your outing or cause.

Build a custom event landing page that drives leads and sales with ease

  • Custom online event registration landing page.
  • Simple platform for purchasing tickets and packages.
  • Manage event location, schedule, sponsorships, and more.

Eventlify's secure online payment processing makes collecting event fees convenient for registrants and planners.

  • Simple online payment processing system.
  • No need for customers to create a merchant account.
  • Accept donations upon declined invitations.

Create a personalized online event invitation using Eventlify.

  • Create a personalized online event invitation using Eventlify.
  • Personalize email invites and communications.
  • Track RSVPs with accepted and declined responses.

Eventlify's simple-to-use platform for online registration and data collection helps streamline your event.

  • Manage group details including VIP attendees.
  • On-site check-in and auction number assignment.
  • Track revenue, expenses, and payment overview.

Eventlify provides software tools that help event organizers improve productivity.

  • Track correspondences via proprietary analytics.
  • Manage users and allocated permissions.
  • Coordinate and manage volunteers.

Eventlify allows you to download your event data to generate reports.

  • Export and download event information.
  • Generate payment overview reports.
  • Export attendee information for course preparation.

Communicate event information with golf attendees with Eventlify.

  • Answer questions and mitigate concerns.
  • Send out real-time email updates.
  • Manage correspondence in a single location.

Features To Power Your Success

  • Customizable Event Website
  • Online Registration
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Digital Invitations & Emails
  • On-Site Guest Check-In App
  • Golf Group Management
  • Social Tools & Promotion
  • Easy Payment processing
  • Sponsorship Inclusions
  • Online RSVP management
  • Real-time Financial Budgeting
  • Custom Forms Builder
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