How to Create a Stress-Free Golf Event

How to Create a Stress-Free Golf Event

January 27, 2023

Every year across the country there are over 24 million Americans who play golf. According to Forbes, approximately 465 million rounds are played annually, making it the game of a lifetime. What possible reason could there be for the increasing popularity of golf events each year? In simplest terms, golf outings fit well in a wide variety of scenarios ranging from non-profit fundraising, memorable tributes, and networking. Although organizing a golf event appears easy from the outside, those at the center understand that there is nothing simple about it.

When thinking about the varying aspects of a golf event, there are a number of ways to ensure success. For example, fundraising efforts require constant email communications that stress the importance of registering with payment months in advance. Additionally, each participant should be well informed of the opportunities to win prizes, any special attractions that may be present, and unique food items at certain holes. From the moment that attendees drive through the gates, the top priority should be a day of fun and networking with peers. Every detail must be taken care of from spelling each participant’s name correctly to recognizing sponsors.

What differentiates a good tournament from a bad or mediocre one is the preparation that goes into event planning. Committees must meet regularly and have a high level of communication. You must expect the unexpected and set your priorities. Often times, golf event management companies can significantly improve these processes to ensure tournament success. There are a few things that you should and should not do to create a stress-free golf event including:


  • Organize a strong committee of volunteers.
  • Provide constant communication with attendees and committees.
  • Send thank you letters to sponsors.
  • Advertise the event.
  • Form a partnership with the gold course.
  • Ensure early registration and payment.
  • Plan ahead for next year’s event.


  • Overbook players.
  • Take verbal registration and payments.
  • Cut corners on food and beverages.
  • Delegate too many roles to one person.

If your event needs an experienced set of hands to help improve processes, a golf event management software may be right for you. Eventlify helps tournament organizers achieve their goals. It quickly justifies the investment through allowing committees to focus on selling the tournament and achieve revenue goals. Especially for first time golf events, the software can eliminate the learning curve and provide a stress-free tournament.  

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