Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Golf Event

December 26, 2022

Golf tournaments are some of the most profitable fundraisers in the world, if done correctly. There is substantial planning that goes into every golf tournament and one of the worst things an attendee can say about the event is that it was “disorganized”. Let’s explore some of the top mistakes that can sink your event and how to avoid them.

Lack of Volunteers

Volunteers are vital to your golf event’s success. When going through the recruitment process, ensure there are enough to cover registration, food preparation, food distribution, course attendees, and cleanup. While some volunteers are able to fulfill more than one role, it is best not to overload them with tasks. When there are enough volunteers present, it makes for a more enjoyable experience on their end as well as for event participants. Additionally, an organized golf tournament can lead to volunteers returning for future events.

Poor Communication

The phrase “communication is key” shouldn’t be taken lightly. This relays to all aspects of your golf event from registration check-in locations to sponsorship setup. Organizations who elect to utilize golf event management software, such as Eventlify, can easily combat this mistake. Sending email reminders and updates out automatically to participants, volunteers, sponsors, and organizers can provide a better experience for everyone involved. It is imperative as an organizer, that you do not assume attendees will know where to go or the flow of events for the day. Spell it out in a clear and concise manner.


Create a schedule well in advance for your participants and volunteers so they are able to prepare. This can be easily displayed on your event website as well as sent out to all who will be in attendance. On the day of the event, print the detailed schedules out to help set expectations and provide everyone with assurance that everything is taken care of. If changes are made to the schedule, give notice as soon as possible in order to avoid any confusion.

Food Disasters

One of the best ways to show appreciation for your participants and volunteers is through taking care of them. Few things say thank you like good snacks and meals. Work out all the details for any lunch or snack services you will be running throughout the day. If you plan on providing a formal dinner, pay close attention to detail and ensure catering and reception times are well-aligned with other daily events such as raffles and auctions.


While there are plenty of things that can go wrong during a golf event, taking precautions to avoid these mistakes will help create a sustainable event for years to come. Create a spreadsheet with all details pertaining to each portion of the day and consistently review with your committee. If you have golf event management software, make this accessible to all necessary parties in your task management.  

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