How Auctions Can Boost Golf Event Fundraising

July 8, 2016

One of the best ways to generate additional revenue for your golf outing managed through Eventlify’s software is through an auction geared towards increasing fundraising efforts. Not only will this keep golfers engaged, but it will also allow other attendees such as friends, family, and VIP guests a chance to get involved at the event. Most importantly, an auction is a great opportunity to involve major sponsors and attract more attention to your cause. Auctions generally fall into two categories consisting of silent auctions and live auctions. Let’s take a look at each independently.

Silent Auction

This auction type tends to be a popular choice for golf events and is the easiest to run. The key to running a successful silent auction is through having a mix of items at various budgets geared towards all attendee budgets. Popular items include memorabilia, event tickets, jewelry, and complimentary rounds of golf.

Live Auction

If your golf event has a larger budget or is highly publicized, a live auction may be the best way to raise donations. This type of auction generally has a professional auctioneer and contains premium items like vacation packages, cruises, and high-priced entities such as cars or boats.

Once you have determined which type of auction your golf event caters to, you will need to acquire, purchase, or partner to find the best items through three popular methods including donations, wholesale items, or auction companies. 

– This is a great method to cut down on costs. For sponsors looking at gaining increased exposure, they will often donate products or services. Furthermore, many companies provide a variety of items such as event tickets or merchandise if they are supporters of your cause.

Wholesale Items
– Businesses that are familiar with your organization may sell you their items at wholesale price. These can then be auctioned off at retail value to generate a profit. You can also exchange sponsorship opportunities for their products.

Auction Companies
– There are auction companies that specialize in golf event services and work on a consignment basis. Your organization retains all the money generated from the sale minus the consignment cost, making this one of the simplest ways to organize an auction.

Through utilizing these various tactics, auctions can significantly boost golf event fundraising. The revenue and donations received can easily be tracked through Eventlify’s golf management software. This can help determine how successful your auction was and allow you to make targeted changes for future events. Contact an Eventlify representative to learn more about the comprehensive software! 

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