Should Smaller Golf Outings Utilize Event Management Software?

Should Smaller Golf Outings Utilize Event Management Software?

August 19, 2016

When preparing for a golf event, most individuals have the desire to ensure they are getting the best bang for their buck. This is a universal concept based on whether the product or services we are getting is worth the cost. In the golfing world, smaller outings often tend to bypass utilizing golf event management software due to their budgets, falling short of the expectations.

Eventlify is a comprehensive and affordable event management software that can simplify the process of large and small outings alike. There is high potential for productivity gains as users significantly decrease the number of hours spent per week on administrative tasks. This comes from two highly developed components including a single system that eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and easily accessible data that enables built-in reporting functionality.

When individuals are not tied up with busy-work, they can focus on other aspects of the event that may also provide a direct link to revenue generation. Through minimizing potential human errors caused by mishaps with data entry, the costs of low customer satisfaction as well as retention can be cut exponentially. Risk management isn’t the only way that Eventlify can benefit a smaller venue.

Through sharing event details to social media, attendees can spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other sites to help gain exposure. With more exposure come more guests and the potential for greater revenue, which leads to another great feature. Eventlify allows users to track revenue, expenses, and payment overviews for ease of budgeting and accounting. Regardless of your event size, golf management software is a smart choice with endless benefits. 

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