How to Simplify Managing Your Golf Event

How to Simplify Managing Your Golf Event

July 15, 2016

Organizing a successful golf outing with ease often seems like an overwhelming task given the many pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together. From registration and team pairing to raising funds and sponsor solicitation, you may be wondering how your company will be able to manage all these details. Through utilizing Eventlify’s golf event management software, you can increase your efficiency by simplifying tasks and saving both time and resources.

Previously, golf events were organized in a complex manner, requiring participants to complete registration forms and mail in payment. Furthermore, spreadsheets were manually created containing participant information, payment updates, donation documents, and merchandise orders. Although there is nothing wrong with this process, Eventlify’s golf management software has created an easier and more cost-efficient way to handle all tasks associated with your event.

Eventlify makes organizing a golf outing simple, allowing users to manage the event within one platform. It provides planners with a custom website, online registration, golf group management, player directories, digital invitations, and sponsorship inclusion. This software isn’t only beneficial for the hosting organization, but it provides a positive experience for golfers, sponsors, and volunteers as well.

Productivity tools that further enhance the simplicity of planning include:

Financial Budgeting
: Track revenue, expenses, and reimbursements and generate payment overview for ease of budgeting and accounting.

On-Site Check In
: Allow planners and event staff to check attendees into outings, enabling a quick and seamless process.

Online Payment Processing
: Easily collect credit card payments for registrations and auction bidding with our integrated payment processing system. 

Forms Builder
: Create customized forms for your event ranging from contact information to questionnaires, enabling input and feedback from respondents. 

: Utilizing the development of your event landing page, outings can be easily shared via social media outlets and email marketing. 

Reports and Dashboards
: Know where your events stand with on-demand reports, PDF downloads, and at-a-glance dashboards.

The combination of these streamlined operations enable your organization to save both time and resources, ultimately simplifying the management of your golf event. Administrators are no longer faced with manually entering data, managing money, and reaching out to participants through separate communications. Reporting tools help monitor success and easily manage financial aspects. Contact Eventlify to learn more about how you can enhance golf event management. 

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